“Fiscally conservative but socially liberal” is a hip, trendy way of saying “I still think poor kids are being too grabby with this whole ‘wanting food’ thing, but I also like weed.”

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Artist Name: Tara Jaggi



Anandalite (also known as ba ba opal quartz, rainbow quartz)
A high energy healing crystal, it balances the human chakra system to promote health and vitality. This crystal aids in awakening the dormant potentials of both one’s physical body and one’s consciousness.


 Sophie Kahn Sculptures

Sophie Kahn’s work addresses the resonances of death in the still image. It owes its fragmented aesthetic to the interaction of new and old media, and the collision of the body with imaging technology.

I combine cutting-edge means of reproduction, like 3d laser scanning and 3d printing, with ancient bronze casting techniques. Using damaged 3d data, I create sculptures and video works that resemble de-constructed monuments or memorials.

The precise 3d scanning technology I use was never designed to capture the body, which is always in motion. When confronted with a moving body, it receives conflicting spatial coordinates, generating a 3d ‘motion blur’. From these scans, I create videos or life-sized 3d printed mold sculptures. The resulting sculptures bear the artifacts of all the digital processes they have been though. The scanning and 3d printing process strips color and movement from the body, leaving behind only traces of its form – a scan of the face resembles nothing more than a digital death mask.

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Miriam Escofet’s Esoteric Paintings of Idyllic Worlds

Miriam Escofet creates rich oil paintings of idyllic scenes that nostalgically allude to classical antiquity. Perhaps the only notes of pessimism in these sumptuous depictions of ornate architecture, statues and jewels is that Escofet’s heavenly world seem to be nearly devoid of human inhabitants. This is a place that seems to belong to the gods — too perfect for mortals. Escofet originally studied 3D design and set out to be a ceramicist, which explains her attention to texture and volume. Each crease of fabric and crevice within a tree’s bark is rendered with precision. Light and shadow are greatly contrasted to a level beyond what we normally experience with the human eye, making Escofet’s fictional lands seem vivid yet illusory. via hi-fructose

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Anonymous said: i'm always really puzzled by using "doing something for attention" as a dismissal, too. either it makes no sense for it to be done for attention at all (ie, people do not go to great lengths to hide things they are doing for attention, or it happens whether or not anyone is looking), OR, something is SO wrong with either that person's head or the environment that they're in that they feel they have to go to self-destructive extremes to have attention paid to them. it's a shitty thing to say.


Yeah, well, I bet you’re just submitting asks because you want other people to read and comment on your thoughts! HAH!

… Wait, that’s actually a totally reasonable and rational thing, I guess.

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'Orange Stubble' and 'Green Eye'

Markers, Sharpie and watercolour, on paper.

A little colour for a dreary Wednesday.

By Alan Williamson



Bats use polarized light as a nighttime compass
Scientists are unsure how bats detect polarized light, especially as bats seem able to see such light after sunset or when it’s cloudy.











This happened on Supernatural once.

Everything happened on Supernatural once.

Supernatural actually happened on supernatural once.

Actually, Supernatural happened on Supernatural twice. One time as a book series within their universe and one time as the real life tv show in a parallel universe where Misha Collins gets stabbed by an angel.

What the hell is your show even

Not even the fans know but there are alpacas and crying attractive men and angels hating Celine Dion with a vengeful passion so we just go with it

Already reblogged, but the comments keep getting better.

dont forget the time a supernatural convention happened on supernatural

and when a Supernatural fangirl used magic to get her favorite character to fall in love and marry her on the show


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