So this is the haunted Wolfe Manor mansion in Clovis, California. I pass this place all the time and did some research about it to learned a crazy amount of stuff. It turns out it used to be one of the most beautiful mansions in the area back in the 1900’s. An Italian immigrant couple built this home in 1922, however the wife pressured her husband into making it the most extravagant home around and unfortunately lost it to bankruptcy. The mansion had murals on the ceilings, a ballroom, and even a swimming pool in the basement.
In 1935 the mansion became the Hazelwood Sanitarium which housed large amounts of people suffering terminal illnesses (most commonly tuberculosis) in hopes of recovering promptly, since this was a popular but unreliable method to cure tuberculosis in the 1900’s.
In 1950 the sanitarium became a mental hospital where unfortunately the patients where awfully mistreated. The hospital was over crowded, mass amounts of people died and the basement even became a place to storage dead bodies.
The mental hospital finally closed in 1992 and was basically abandoned until Todd Wolfe purchased the hospital and made it a haunted attraction. Countless amounts of paranormal activity has occurred that it is now known to be one of the most haunted places in the western part of the country.
The mansion was featured on various paranormal television shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.
In current day the mansion is being repaired to become a haunted hotel for the public.
It crazy to think I and so much people pass this 92 year old building all the time without knowing the history behind it.

They’re going to start clearing it out for demolition tomorrow :(


Boo to You Too! Winnie the Pooh (1996)


Hairy Yellow Hermit Crab - Aniculus maximus 

Aniculus maximus (Decapoda - Diogenidae) is a species of hermit crab native to the Indo-Pacific area, characterized by its chelipeds and ambulatory legs intense golden or orange-yellow, trimmed in crimson, with scutes edged in white, and with setae yellowish to off white.

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Barry Fackler | [Top: Papa 2 Ahupua’a, Captain Cook, Hawaii, 2014] - [Bottom: Keei, Hawaii, United States, 2011]

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Why is taxidermy a thing? Like… why would i want a dead rabbit on my wall. Probably smelly too.

why is anything a thing

why is people making posts about things they don’t like and tagging them with that…

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Creative Chocolate Skulls by Ruth and Sira Garcia

Ruth and Sira Garcia are two talented spanish artists : here, they interpret the vanitas in the form of a chocolate. With great attention to detail and a vivid imagination, the two artists had the good idea to associate the shape of the brain to walnut or gelled blackberry shapes.

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cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER

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